Mission Statement & Activities

Our mission is to enable less fortunate children in the developing world to realize their full potential by providing resources for education, medical care and basic needs.

Eyrie for the Children Foundation is a non-profit charity registered in Canada. The operation is supervised by different governmental departments. It submits annual reports to Canada Revenue Agency and other departments on its finance and activities.

As a secular organization with members from various age groups, its primary mission is to enable less fortunate children in the developing world to realize their full potential by providing resources for education, medical care, and other basic needs.

All the donations received are used on charity.
The directors and members pay all administrative expenses associated with the charity.

Every year since 2011, it offers 115 scholarships to Moran Memorial School and 30 scholarships to St Xavier School, Sadakbari, which are both in located in eastern Nepal. Each scholarship amounts to $120 CAD.

The schools are run by the Jesuits, a Catholic organization. Notwithstanding with their own religious affiliation, the schools admit students from all religions such as Hindus, Buddhist or local tribal beliefs. The students come from desperately poor families. Most parents work in the local tea gardens and the family income can hardly sustain two meals a day. Therefore, education has, for many years, been perceived as a luxury beyond their reach.
In fact, all the graduates from Moran Memorial School are the first generation in their family to receive proper schooling.

The combined effect of financial hardship and inbred caste culture makes the girls inferior to their brothers. To promote gender equality, Eyrie reserves 50 percent of all scholarships to female students.

In 2017, for the first time, Eyrie offered a three-year full University scholarship to two girls who were graduates of Moran Memorial School to study Nursing. Back in 2008, when they were studying in grade 4, neither Eyrie nor the two girls would dare to dream about these university scholarships.

Eyrie also donates funds to the school to stock their library, to obtain teaching aids, sport equipment, computers, and even small solar panels to power those computers.

The graduates of Moran Memorial School have already utilized their educations in various ways. They have become police officers, soldiers, office workers and school teachers. Some have found their own way to continue their education into the colleges, Others are working overseas.

Most recently, the outgoing grade 10 graduates were asked to write essays on their goals in life. Whatever their wishes were with regards to their careers, one common theme stood out: To help their community and the poor. The school effectively teaches them the ethics of being a good citizen.

The surrounding community also benefits from the school which conducts various educational programs for the parents and the villagers. The parents are motivated to take responsibility for the education of their children.

Besides providing scholarships, Eyrie appeals to different organizations in Toronto to provide medicine and food for the poor in Nepal. In 2015, it raised relief fund for the Nepalese earthquake victims.